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New Mexico Historical Biographies is an encyclopedia of the people of New Mexico-the 47th State in the Union. It is a cross-section of people who have had an influence on life-and sometimes death-in the Land of Enchantment, from the time before the first Europeans arrived around 1540 until today. It sells for $49.95, 837 pages, many pictures and  can be bought at
2012 IPPY Award Winner - Bronze Medal
2012 Fray Francisco Dominguez Award - Historical Society of New Mexico 2012

True tales of some of N.M's Founding Fathers!

"Bullis is well-known for his knowledge of New Mexico history.  Indexed and annotated to serve as a research tool, this book is equally interesting to those interested in dipping into New Mexico's unique history" - POSH New Mexico Magazine.  Finalist - 2008 New Mexico Book Awards.  Buy New Mexico and Politicians of the Past at Rio Grande Books.

On Bloodville.."What Don Bullis has done with this novel is intertwine a very accurate weave of murder, police and politics in New Mexico. Don is the single most knowledgeable writer on New Mexico law enforcement history..." - William Kuehl, former New Mexico State Police captain

Bloodville  - $14.95  - 356 pgs
ISBN# 1-888725-75-3


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"Leave it to Bullis, respected writer and historian, to open my eyes to a while new world of outlaws, crooked politician, puzzling crimes and surreal occurrences"...Anne Hillerman, author of Spider Woman's Daughter.
$19.95 - 219 pgs
"Many of the names you'll encounter in 99 New Mexicans...and a few other folks belong to people familiar to those of us who know something of Western history...we're wasting time here...The rest of the cast of characters await us in the pages to come..."  Tony Hillerman, Albuquerque, New Mexico 
99 New Mexicans...and a few other folks 
$16.95  - 356 pgs
ISBN# 1-888725-92-3
This book profiles the Old West with interesting and funny facts about the people who made the West wild.  People like: Molly Brown, General Custer, Geronimo, movie stars, politicians and many others are covered. Ove one thousand interesting facts are presented in the book along with dozens of photographs. The book is 228 pages with historical photos throughout. It sells for $17.95 and can be bought at Rio Grande Books

Old West Trivia Book
Over 10,000 copies sold!

Wild Tales from the Land of Enchantment
New Mexico frontier History/ Outlaws and Gunfights. Duels, Gunfights & Shoot-outs, 208 pages, sells for $16.95 and can be bought at
An old-time lawman and his wife have been the only residents of Bull's Eye, N.M., a rural Indian Country ghost town, for 40 years.  A body is found in the old adobe church. Why? What happened? State Police draw wrong conclusions, Pueblo Indian officials want to turn the old ghost town ito a gambling resort.  The old man struggles to change with the times, but he can't.  He just can't!
Bull's Eye - $14.95 - 234 pgs
ISBN# 0-9774161-0-0
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